We believe in “Faster 'IT', accelerating business outcomes”

We identify “value” in a collaborative way with our clients and build incrementally utilising Shift left thinking, Continuous Learning, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Deployment, with an unrelenting focus on Continuous Improvement.

DevOps Objectives

  • Setup scheduled builds or trigger build after each code commit for all the applications under development and maintenance

  • Make the build self-testing by running unit and functional test cases as part of the build and deployment process

  • Send an alert to development team about the list of changes done for each file during each commit

  • Measure code quality and complexity with every build to avoid late discoveries

  • Automate Deployment and publish each build's statistics

  • Integrate with Application Monitoring tools to be more proactive than reactive

We automate the complete delivery pipeline across hybrid-cloud platforms for accelerating time to market at higher efficiency and lower costs. Our DevOps solutions aid alignment of enterprise goals leading to high-quality software-based products and services. Achieve your pre-defined business goals by building applications at the pace of business with Troy’s comprehensive DevOps services.