Application Development

Consultation and Implementation of all modern methods of Product Development

In today’s competitive scene, turning a good idea into software that ideally meets market demand is no easy task. The risks of developing a product people will not need or care about are substantial. At Troy Consultancy, we ask the right questions and tell you the correct answers. From design to rollout, Troy takes the worry out of custom software development. Add the unique benefit of our field-driven education division, and you get a blend of exceptional knowledge that plugs in, does what you need, and leaves your business and employees more engaged and more potent as a team. We help you achieve better ROI on your IT implementations by having a solid base to your technology platforms, right from the ground up.

Our expert technology consultants provide you with customized app solutions to reduce cost & time plus earn high ROI. Our software consulting expert gauges your business performance and detect various bottlenecks. They use analysis tools without causing interference with your existing workflows. Our expert set-up DevOps environments to streamline update delivery and reinforce cross-departmental integrity of different businesses. Ensure your presence anytime, anywhere by introducing social and mobile technologies into your business.


Our Key Offerings

  • New Product Planning & Development : We innovate, develop, test & deploy technology solutions to ensure growth & sustainability of your enterprise.

  • Architecture & Design : Our software design & architecture will ensure the developed solution is scalable, robust, and maintainable.

  • Product Transformation : As businesses require automation and service-oriented architectures, we transform software that transforms how you do business.

  • Application Integration : Troy enables integration between applications and systems by mainly employing APIs, web services, and connectors.

  • Product Release & Deployment : We offer software release service as well as final product deployment.

  • Scalability & Performance Optimization : We enable enterprises to overcome challenges like process optimization at a highest efficiency & scalability.

  • Documentation & End User Training : End-user training is one of the keys to the successful implementation of any application as it facilitates proper maintenance.

Why choose Troy

  • Development is complicated, time consuming and requires a lot of specialized skills. Focus on your business, while leaving the development to us.

  • We pride ourselves on always doing right thing for our client. We guarantee we will only recommend solutions that are in your best interest -- whether we build them.

  • Solutions tailor-made for your business through expertise garnered over years.

  • Our experienced and highly skilled development team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions.

  • As the product owner you have visibility into our development process that allow you manage product features and cost.

  • Ongoing training ensures that you are never left behind by technology changes.

Our Application Development Projects

Enterprise Application Development

Create applications customized to your complex business requirements to add customer value

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Web Application Development

Build and maintain interactive application programs on remote servers with accessibility to user's over Internet

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Mobile Application Development

Develop specialised software programs for smartphones to improve the degree of connectivity with your customers

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Desktop Application Development

Build complex on-premises applications with full access to features offline to leverage available hardware resources

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