Technical Support

Quality first. We help to keep your systems up and running as per business needs.

Technical Support Services can be delivered over varied communication channels, like, email, chat, phone calls or using specified software. Tech support process outsourcing team integrates the requisite software on the clients’ network system which makes service delivery easier and faster.

However, just to outsource technical support services from any random solution provider is not enough. Ultimately, exceptional training, on-site activities, and the amount of time spent on handling various types of customers with diversified behaviour determines the capability of any Tech Support Process Outsourcing solution providers.

Troy possesses an exceptionally trained technical support service staff to monitor and manage organization network system by diagnosing the fault within it and fix at the earliest without leaving an error. Our technical support services team’s one and sole motto is to keep business running smoothly. Outsource technical support services from Troy and increase your company’s IT security by 60%.

Why choose Troy

  • Troy is best aligned to deliver comprehensive tech support needs with the availability certified professionals across various technologies

  • Our maintenance services are correct mix of highly effective management tools and talented people that ensure minimal business disruptions thorough health check-up

  • Real time visibility of current issues and commitment of delivering actionable solutions.

  • Scale rapidly without added internal resources.

  • Provide powerful automation and optimization of applications easily.

  • Reduce cost through increased leverage of remote IT support services.

Our Offerings

24x7 Monitoring

Configure monitoring service to get instant updates from your critical systems on key events 24x7

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IT Help Desk Services

Access support to tech personnel with complete capability to address technical queries and resolve issues

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Network Security Monitoring

Monitor system using real-time threat intelligence facilitating time to focus on core business functions

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Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

Mitigate risks and achieve a secure and reliable network through proactive maintenance

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Remote System Health Check

Examine your system health to gauge performance to ensure application runs flawlessly

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Tech Chat Support

Resolve customer issues or close sales through world-class live chat operation to ensure flexible support

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Website Maintenance

Maintain stable and updated online presence website to keep you ahead of the competition

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