Design and Architecture

Consulting and Implementation Services in most of the Design and Architecture Techniques

Crafting a technical architecture and framework following the inputs provided by the Customer with respect to their requirements and resources i.e., Preparing an effective system design to ensure efficient system functioning, apt interface between man and machine, optimization of Operational costs – Improving the performance and productivity of teams by initiating and facilitating congenial work environment – Maintaining quality standards in programming, designing, training, etc. – Being the nucleus of the project for handling technical issues – Providing complete support to the teams to ensure smooth execution and closure of all projects.

A progressive enterprise is supposed to have a robust and up-to-date software architecture to meet both customers’ and business needs. We work on the creation of flexible and customizable solutions that would fulfil the existing software ecosystem and let it evolve with our top-notch technological products. Here is what we do:

  • Design individual solutions depending on the framework, languages or features you look for.

  • Establish proven methodologies that help to customize the existing or create a new architecture from the ground.

  • Do the research to evaluate the expected performance level, operability, security, and other vital issues.

  • Deal with architecture design, evaluation, evolution, and integration

  • Facilitating the system to communicate changes in a scenario or convey new ideas through multiple channels to the right stakeholders.

  • Increasing the portability of applications

Why choose Troy

  • Our experts collect functional and non-functional requirements and provide comprehensive cost and time estimations of proposed solutions reflect the required performance levels.

  • We initiate a criteria-based selection approach to describe how the system or product will be constructed; what the critical components would be; and their fitment from a high-level, logical perspective.

  • Through several evaluation rounds, we check how the system is working, is it satisfying core requirements. Tests run regularly during and after the design phase.

  • We help redesign or upgrade your architecture and add new modules and optimize existing ones.

  • We assist in designing the technology roadmap to help achieve short-term and long-term business goals while adhering to the business vision.

Our Expertise

Client-Server Architecture

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Event-driven Architecture

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Lambda Architecture

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Microservices Architecture

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Multi-tier or N-tier architecture

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Object-Oriented Architecture

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Space-based architecture

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