Internet of Things

Our Consultants and Designers use Technology, Data and Science to Develop and Deliver Digital Solutions

Our experienced internet of things consultants and designers use technology, data, and science to develop and deliver digital solutions. Our IoT consulting services are designed to assist clients as they reimagine their online presence, business processes and overall impact in the digital space.

Our IoT consultants can offer solutions to help build smart devices that are connected to the internet and share data. Our IoT strategy consulting offers a full suite of services, with platforms including Microsoft IOT Services, Amazon IOT Services, IFTTT, Samsung's SmartThings platform, IBM Watson IOT Services, iOS HomeKit platform, and Google's Nest platform.

As an IoT consulting firm, for us, it is all about collaboration and solutions. Our clients look to us for ideas and we deliver them, both on smaller projects and larger ones, ultimately demonstrating how they can improve their ROI and get tangible business benefits.

IOT Analytics

  • Accumulate collective intelligence across connected heterogeneous data sources.

  • Real-time insights from streaming data through the connected sources.

  • Inspire robotic process automation culture.

By leveraging software as the foundation for IoT, we connect smart devices to the cloud and engineer applications to manage these devices. Whether you want to integrate IoT into consumer electronics, or network large machines, we deploy software that meets your goals and provides tangible business benefits.