Human Resources

Organisational restructuring brings the need for a scalable HR management to help shape the organisational policies and management hierarchy. HR strategic management consulting provides advice and expertise to address the top HR issues facing firms today when it comes to workforce analytics, employee engagement, organization effectiveness, talent management, and HR strategy. We bring leading industry insight and experience to address these issues through a team of dedicated HR specialists. We help organisations to achieve appropriate balance in their service delivery models and enable organic business growth. The critical success factor for HR departments to find the right balance of delivering the currents services through complete understanding the needs of the business.


Our Key Offerings

  • HRM Ad hoc Capabilities : We provide Consulting and Implementation services for HR needs including hiring, providing training, fencing off workers' compensation and benefits, defining work schedule, and performance review.

  • Organizational Development : We help clients develop and direct the HR policies of their firms and communicate throughout the policy-making process, implementation, and evaluation.

  • Team Development : We help clients get the best out of their employees as team through a robust, well-designed performance management system aligning with corporate goals.

  • Talent Acquisition Assessments : Our specialized HR consultants provide improvement interventions to help clients increase the productivity of their staff and align employees with business objectives.

  • Employee Training Assessments : Our training and evaluation programs are designed after understanding the value system, short-term and long-term business objectives of our clients.

  • Employee Relations : We ensure employee involvement by controlling the diversity of their employees' needs through better management, analysis of policy errors, increasing employee work-life balance, and improving individual and corporate goals.

Why choose Troy

  • Our team of experienced consultants are available to temporarily supplement or completely support your HR function.

  • We help track changes to legislation, create company policies to reflect new regulations, and ensure that you are aware of the employment laws you are required to follow.

  • Our seasoned experts will partner with your new and existing executives as an objective and experienced thinking partner to support the leader’s development within your firm.

  • We provide recommendations of specific areas where changes can be implemented, give tools to better plan for future hires, increase the effectiveness of current staff, and ensure organisation growth.

  • Our team can help you design, enhance, and / or roll out an effective performance management program.